Hetalia: Axis Powers - Norway não ser importo com o que as pessoas pensam de vc
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Ame você mesmo, seja quem você é, nunca deixe ninguém dizer o que você deveria ou não deveria ser, porque você nasceu assim, do jeito que Deus lhe fez, e ele nunca erra.

Fame / Eau de Gaga

artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball in ITÜ Stadium, Istanbul (September 16th)

Lady Gaga arrives in Athens, Greece


Fiber optic dress at Richard Nicoll Spring/Summer 2015

For spring, British designer Richard Nicoll teamed up with Disney to create a collection inspired by Tinkerbell. The fairy figure could be seen throughout the collection in the form of mirrored cutouts hanging off of holographic bags, however, it was Nicoll’s opening slip dress that stole the show.

Created in collaboration with London-based fashion and technology company Studio XO, the dress was made from a fiber optic fabric activated by high intensity LEDs tailored within it. The result was a delicate, fairy-like glow.

“It created a magical pixie dust effect down the catwalk,” said Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency, which brought Richard Nicoll, Studio XO and Disney together. “It was imperative for Richard that what went down the catwalk was ‘fashion’ not ‘tech.’ The gasps were audible as the dress appeared, it was a huge moment for fashion technology. We’d built something that was truly desirable.”

Lady Gaga | Arriving in Athens, Greece.